James Sulak

I’m a software developer in Houston, Texas. Find me at my blog, on Twitter, or on Facebook.


  • Clockster. A dead-simple HTML 5 countdown timer.
  • Stackster. Keeps your place in what you’re reading right now. When you’re reading but have to stop, click Stack It. Later pick up right where you left off — no matter where you are.
  • Wordcycler. Two-way Instapaper sync for windows and your e-book reader. When you connect your reader, Wordcycler fetches your unread Instapaper items, saves them on the device as single articles, and (if you want) ejects it. Hundreds of users and counting. Featured on Lifehacker.
  • aQuery. A port of the popular jQuery Javascript library for use inside Arbortext Editor.
  • Switcheroo. An incremental-search window switcher for Windows, inspired by Emacs’s IDO mode buffer switching.
  • eXist XProc Library. A set of XProc extension steps for interacting with an eXist XML database from a client. Using these steps, you can conduct common eXist management tasks from XProc—loading resources, extracting resources, querying data, etc.
  • Ruby Blue Visual Studio Theme.
  • In the past, I have I contributed to XSpec, a testing framework for XSLT, and NReadability, a port of Arc90’s Readability to C#.


  • aQuery—Using jQuery in Arbortext. (screencast)
  • Javascript, Arbortext Editor, and You, PTC/User World Event 2010. (handout | slides | examples)
  • aQuery: jQuery for the Arbortext Object Model (AOM), PTC/User World Event 2010 Demo. (screencast)
  • Expanding Your XML & Arbortext Development Toolkit, PTC/User World Event 2009. (handout | slides | examples)
  • A Developer’s Guide to Arbortext Editor’s Change-Tracking Markup, PTC/User World Event 2009. (handout | slides | examples)
  • XSLT in Depth: Reusing Arbortext Stylesheet Logic in XPP, XyUser 2008 Fall Conference. (handout | slides)
  • Hacking the Styler XSL-FO Stylesheet, PTC/User World Event 2008. (handouts, slides, and examples)